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As per the AICTE Regulations dated 01.07.2009 and UGC Regulations dated 17.06.2009 and Directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India “Ragging” in any way is banned. Ragging constitutes one or more of any of the following Acts with or without any intention by any Student or Group of Students:

  • Any act of Indiscipline, Teasing or Handling with Rudeness.
  • Any act that Prevents, Disrupts or Disturbs the Regular Academic Activity.
  • Any act of Financial Extortion or Forceful Expenditure. Any act of Physical Abuse causing Assault, Harm or Danger to Health or Life.
  • Any act of Abuse by Spoken Words, e-mail, SMS, MMS or Public Insult etc.
  • Any activity which is likely to cause Annoyance, Hardships, Physical or Psychological Harm or creates Fear.
  • Any act of Injury to the Fundamental Right to Human Dignity. Any act of Wrongful Confinement, use of Criminal Force Trespass or Intimidation.
  • Any Unlawful Assembly or Abatement or Conspiracy to “Ragging”.

Punishment For Ragging

Any student or Group of Students found guilty of “Ragging” in the Campus or Hostels or College Buses or even outside the Campus shall be liable for one or more of the following Punishment:

  • Suspension from Attending Classes and Academic Privileges.
  • Suspension or Expulsion from Hostels/College Bus.
  • Debarring from Appearing in any Seasonal Test/University Examination.
  • F.I.R. against the Concerned Student or Group of Students.
  • Fine up-to Rs. 25,000/- to the Concerned Student Group of Students.
  • Withdrawing Scholarship and other Benefits
  • Rustication from the Institution for a period of One to Four Semesters.
  • Expulsion from the Institution and also debarring from Admission to any other Institution through the Collage.
  • Entry in the Character/Transfer Certificates regarding the Punishment given for any Act of “Ragging”.
Dr. Hemant Kumar
Nodal officer
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Our Mission


  • To develop high quality institutions promoting all-round development emphasizing academic excellence
  • To nurture human resources, sensitive to all the stakeholders expectations.
  • To ensure that excellence and diversity are reflected in the faculty, staff, and student body.
  • To provide excellent infrastructure of labs and classrooms.
  • To increase productivity by use of modern teaching aids.

Our Visions


To be a National Level institute and a front runner in educational and socioeconomic development of the State of Bihar by providing highest quality of technical education to students hailing from all sections of the society.

Trustees Members


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Name Qualification Occupation Positions Held
Sri K.N. Vasudevan MSc.(Bio) Educationist Ex-Principal, Netarhat Vidyalaya; Director, Vidya Vihar Residential School
Dr. (Prof.) Ratneshwar Mishra Ph.D., M.A.(Hist.) Educationist Retd. Professor & HOD, History Deptt., LNMU; Chairman, Netarhat Alumni Educational Trust
Dr. Mohan Choudhary MBBS, MD.(Paed) Paediatrician Vice Chairman, Netarhat Alumni Educational Trust
Prof. Naresh Mohan Mishra M.Sc.(Phy) Educationist Retd. Professor, Physics Deptt., Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University
Sri Ramesh Chandra Mishra B.Sc. Entrepreneur Secretary, Netarhat Alumni Educational Trust; Managing Director, Mahavidya Vihar Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director, Brajesh Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Prem Chand Jha MBBS, MS(General Surgery) Surgeon Treasurer, Netarhat Alumni Educational Trust
Dr. Vidhan Chandra Roy MBBS, MD.(Ortho) Ortho. Surgeon PRO, Netarhat Alumni Educational Trust
Smt. Vijay Lakshmi Mishra Business Director, Mahavidya Vihar Pvt. Ltd.; Director, Brajesh Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.
Sri Rajesh Chandra Mishra B.E. (CSE) Business Director, Mahavidya Vihar Pvt. Ltd.; Director, Brajesh Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.; Management Representative, ISO 9001: 2000 Process
Sri Brajesh Chandra Mishra B.E. (IT) Business Director, Mahavidya Vihar Pvt. Ltd.; Director, Brajesh Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.