Student Clubs


Students Clubs at VVIT are for the students and by the students. Clubs are all related to describe Culture at the campus. VVIT  is famous for the vibrant campus and have clubs of various domains like Astronomy, Networking, Movie, Cultural and Innovation club.

Sports Club


The objective of Sports Club is to provide students with the opportunities of participating in a wide range of recreational and competitive programs which can develop sound lifelong leisure values and leadership skills to organize, administrate and to become officers thereof.



Books are the bridge between innovation and knowledge. VVIT has World Class Library with digital presence to produce outstanding work.



Comfort, Convenience & Leisure 500 capacity hostel facilities for boys & girls with 24/7 monitored security system. The hostel rooms are spacious, well ventilated and are located within walking distance from the institutes.

Advanced Labs


Laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, hardware, software & teaching aids at VVIT ensures that student gain practical knowledge.



Comfort, Convenience & Leisure The college  provides canteen facility located within the college campus. The canteen serves breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner to the students. The cafeteria of the college is an ideal place for students to hang-out and spend leisure time.