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Deluxe Colorful Representative Now free shipping brachycaulos Tillandsia

Colorful Representative (Tillandsia brachycaulos)


Colorful Representative (Tillandsia brachycaulos)

Tillandsia Brachycaulos is a sub-mesic species of air plants that is native to Central America, Mexico, and Brazil. It grows in lowland deciduous, semi-deciduous forests, and desert shrublands and thickets, but can also be found in wet montane and cloudy forests, on roadsides, on rock slopes, cliffs, or in fields and pastures from sea level to 6500 feet above. For reference, this plant is also called Tillandsia cryptantha, Tillandsia bradeana, and Tillandsia flammea.

First described by Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal in 1845, the plant is medium-sized and will grow to a height of 10-12quot; with numerous, triangular, ~8quot; long leaves. The leaves grow outwards and form a non-regular rosette. The leaves are light yellow-green, but may turn red even before a flowering stage. The inflorescence carries very few flowers, around 1 or 2. Bracts of the flowering stem are the primary bracts are similar to the leaves. The floral bracts are streaked and glabrous.

SMALL size is 0quot;-3quot; (pictured #1-3)
MEDIUM size is 3quot;-6quot;
LARGE size is 6quot;-9quot; (pictured #4)
X-LARGE size is 9quot;+
SPECIMEN size is 12quot;+

*You will receive a plant similar to the one(s) pictured. Plants may or may not have dried end or broken leaves or be in bloom/flushed. Although they may ship sooner, Tillandsia are considered pre-order as they require additional processing time being that they are harvested or prepared as ordered. Product is customizable with a wire hanger or grapewood piece for an additional fee if requested.


Multiple, triangular leaves averaging up to 8quot; long when mature growing outward from the center. Leaves may flush red in proper growing conditions.

Bracts are reddish-orange with light to dark violet colored flowers (up to 1.5quot;). The flowers do not last long.



Medium to high humidity. It will usually tolerate indoor levels with slight difficulty and prefers a more humid environment. Grows best in 55-80 degrees F and will tolerate as low as 40 degrees for a very short period of time. Needs good air circulation.

Bright indirect to filtered, direct light. Try to avoid North-facing windows due to lack of sufficient lighting and direct summer sun.

Submerge plant overnight upon receiving, then every other week thereafter or thoroughly mist 3-6x per week. Decrease watering if the humidity levels are higher. Gently shake the plant to dislodge water then place upside-down on absorbent material until the leaves are thoroughly dry. Soggy leaves or overly damp crown/base may encourage leaf drop and disease. Decrease water in winter.

Use a balanced fertilizer every month during the growing period. It is advisable to use a epiphyte fertilizer mix or a general-purpose fertilizer diluted to 1/4 of the directions.

This plant is not considered toxic, but should not be consumed. Plants are shipped with light wrapping and padding according to import/export regulations. Shipping usually occurs on Monday and Tuesday to minimize risk of damage to plants in transit. You may request shipping Wednesday - Friday provided your understanding the live-arrive guarantee is void. USPS First Class and Standard International mail are offered, but not suggested - warranties are void due to extended time in transit and contents not being insured by the carrier. Prior to shipping, please contact the shop with questions or concerns and familiarize yourself with the shipping policy in FAQ section. Pot, driftwood, or grapewood in images not included.


Colorful Representative (Tillandsia brachycaulos)

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